Saturday, February 19, 2011

March Friday Family Funfest Ideas Week 1

Hello, hello. Let me start by saying Friday Family Funfests are not just for mom's. If you are an aunt/uncle, grandma/grandpa, older sister/brother, just THINK of how many memories you could create with YOUR little one. Always remember, it takes a village to raise a child. And in my case, I think three villages per munchkin.

This blog started out as a photo stop for family and close friends, but my continued frustration on uploading photos with any speed, has led me to ignore it.

But here's a new post, YAY!

March 2011 Friday Family Funfest Ideas:

Over breakfast one day the children started fighting over where they wanted to travel someday. I know, kids, right?! So we are going to spend some weekends discovering new countries. Here are the steps I'm taking and the relative cost of each adventure.

1. If you go to most big box stores they are happy to give you...big boxes! For free! By taking simple scissors, used cereal boxes and straws/sticks/leftover from summer skewers sanded down, you can make pretty good box airplanes. My kids LOVE the boxes and they make great indoor weekend activities for the winter. (we'll be making these February 26th and saving in basement until our travels in March)

2. Our local bank, and maybe yours, still have the old fashion savings passport books that you can make into F.F.F. passports. Also, easily created with inside out cereal boxes, blue paint, gold marker, second side of failed print jobs and stapler. Then collect stickers that match the countries of your destinations and each week they can add a sticker and fun fact about your "vacation". (we'll be making these February 26th and saving in basement until our travels in March)

3. Our first trip is to China!
Dinner: Chicken Helper Fried Rice (under $5) egg rolls bought at the Chinese Restaurant ($4).
Activity: Books on China from library, stamping/stickering passport (FREE)
Movie: The Great Panda Adventure (being put on hold at library this week so available for March 3rd) and Karate Kid (2010) now available on Netflix instant queue ($9.99/mo)


Kellan's Mom said...

I give you kudos Am, that's a great idea.

Amy said...

Thanks, Al! Mena's country is first. She's decided recently that China is the place to be and that one of her favorite animals are Pandas.

Dunkinjean said...

You always have great ideas!

heatherlyr said...

Great idea Amy!! Your FFF plans are so awesome, totally put my feeble attempts to shame-lol! Cool idea to put it on a blog. The travel/China idea is so awesome, because it also translates to what we are trying to do here. We are trying to have a family study session in conjunction with scripture study (scripture study everyday, family study twice a week)where we pick a topic and study it for the week. One way of suplementing the meager education the kids get at school :). It would be so easy to study China, or whatever country, for the two days and follow up with the fun activity on Friday. Thanks for the great ideas. :)

Holly said...

Great Blog Amy!

Peppermint Lane said...

Sounds like fun. To bad you aren't closer to Nashville, because they have Red Panda's at our zoo and I know that Mena would love to see them!


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